Washing Linens With These Great Tips

Posted on Sat June 13, 2020.

Welcome to my very first blog – ever! I have been passionate about clean and crisp white linen for longer than I can remember. The feeling of sleeping on them is something you will only understand after spending a night on it yourself. So last year August I started managing Karee Manor Guesthouse here in Stilbaai. I have a huge passion for the tourism and hospitality industry. So this was a perfect fit for me. But what gave me butterflies was when I entered the in-house laundry. It was white, clean and smelling ever so fresh. I knew immediately this is where I want to be. Or was that need to be? Every guest was so impressed by our linen quality and the way it was smelling when they got underneath the fluffy white crisp cotton linen. So started the questions. What is your secret? How do you get it to that standard, etc. So it was only a natural progression to start this exciting blog!

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